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Think Differently

Open Minds

We started Comradity to make a place for open-minded professionals to innovate together. The biggest chall...

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Motivate with a Challenge

Wasting Away. Part Two.

Part One shares examples we’ve all experienced that waste our time and money in personal and busine...

Wasting away. Part One.

For the last twenty years, innovation has focused on improving productivity. But when you step back and lo...

The 99% of Innovation

When we think of innovation, we think of the venture-backed start-ups with high returns to investors or so...

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Be Original

The Gift

Many say that creative people have “the gift” – that they are the “haves” an...

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 Build it Right the First Time

Fear of Missing Out

Buying “Innovation” requires a leap of faith. We all know there’s a temptation to make t...

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Understand Why it Works (or Not)