25 Jan re-defining leadership

knowledge-doubling-curveWhat does leadership look like when no one person can possibly know it all?

system fail_edited-1
When 85% disagree or are uncertain that the system works for them. (source: Edelman Trust Survey 2017)

even the brightest
Even among those with the best odds of success.

expect business to lead
This ‘Big Data’ suggests we are still open to top down leadership, as long as it is socially responsible.

Except, it may not be that simple. 

perceptions differ
When everyone perceives this same situation differently. . . and often with contempt for each other personally . . .

Consequently, individuals are intimidated . . .

ceo trustAnd reluctant to trust leaders.

If you are a leader, that’s an overwhelming hurdle to address with existing traditional, top-down leadership tools.

There’s hope.

frammas-one-1.10On January 10, 2017, we launched Frammas, a series of holidays from the daily grind to inspire. (click on the image for a link to video highlights).

At Frammas One we discovered people are open – even hungry – to learn something new and inspiring.

For Frammas Two we ask everyone to dedicate some time alone for the holiday to articulate what matters to you.  What if you could find others to team up with to do something that matters to you and is economically sustainable?  

On Frammas Three we will convene for a special gathering to connect those who share the same wish to form a team and name their project.

On Frammas Four and beyond, we will guide teams to design and execute a capstone project.

Stay tuned at Frammas.com to learn about outcomes and apply to be invited to the next Frammas series.