02 Mar Learning from Giants

In our last post we shared that the difference between Don Quixote and Steve Jobs or Bill Gates is learning from corporations they partnered with instead of slaying imaginary giants.

We are about to announce that we are partnering with the real thing, GENERAL ASSEMBLY, to bring the best tech and digital arts training to Fairfield County companies and talent.

We share a purpose of making a place where “like-minded” people can discover each other, partner with peers, and collaborate to invent new value – communities where  businesses grow because humans grow and develop.

What does it take to be “like-minded?”

COMRADITY members learned from the best through work experience. But they don’t copy or imitate. They apply what they’ve learned to make their own ideas.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY teachers have also learned from work experience and practice and must continually improvise and evolve to stay at the top of their game.

How do you learn the most from the best?

Andre Previn, who passed away this week, shares how not to learn with Oscar Peterson, the great jazz pianist. In this clip he explains, that when he tried to learn Jazz the way he learned classical music, it didn’t work – he “couldn’t really make things up.”  And Oscar Peterson shared that when you copy what other greats do it is so overwhelming that “it negates any of your own personal creativity that might come forward.”

We welcome GENERAL ASSEMBLY students to COMRADITY.  Our challenge to you – Stand on the shoulders of giants and we’ll help you to learn to make your own! We look forward to it.

Kathy and Jim Kern