01 Mar Introducing the CO-OP

[Made in the COMRADITY Production HUB with YouTube, Prezi, Camtasia, and VIMEO]

COMRADITY opened in July of 2014 at 845 Canal Street in Stamford, CT. Our mission is to give the growing community of entrepreneurs, independent content makers, and the businesses who hire them on a project basis, a place to work, meet, and grow horizons. Our name is a fusion of the words “community” and “camaraderie”.  The promise of collaboration has attracted really interesting, smart and successful professionals who value the freedom of an entrepreneurism to create new value. But collaboration doesn’t come easily. Business has become so specialized. Each operates in a silo. The new challenge for buyers is to manage and network disintegrated tactics and for sellers is to apply their expertise without the willing collaboration of all the moving parts. It takes a lot of time, effort and hidden costs for all stakeholders. To foster collaboration, we’ve learned that it takes more than a shared space. That’s why we are also developing the COMRADITY CO-OP – a neutral place within our very creative, cool space, with a language and a process to help diverse stakeholders see the situation from all perspectives and design strategies that add value in multiple dimensions.