Mike Critelli

Retired Pitney Bowes CEO, Entrepreneur, Health Care Consultant, Feature Film Producer

Innovation through Analysis

Professional Statement



  1. Think metaphorically
  2. Revisit ideas that may not have worked before
  3. Benchmark to gain insights, not to copy best practices
  4. Mine anecdotal data for insights and get behind the numbers, particularly outlier anecdotal data
  5. Explore situations as an outsider and look for deeply ingrained habits that are “tacit” and no longer presented.
  6. Bring a “beginner’s mind” to every problem
  7. Always remember that “every problem is an opportunity and every opportunity is a problem.”
  8. Always have the innovators and executors at the table, and listen to both.
  9. Rigorously test new ideas, even the most promising. Learn from failure.