Joel Rollins

Steamroller Digital, President

Simplifying Advanced Communication Technology #Execution and #Learning

Professional Statement

Joel has produced events for rock bands, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and Digital AV special effects on Broadway. He has designed and built networks and conference room communications systems for GE and many of Greenwich/Stamford hedge funds. The first virtual reality interactive aquarium at the Norwalk Aquarium was built and produced by Joel. 

As acting CTO at COMRADITY, he is available to help you figure out how to make a better presentation, integrate your digital network and equipment, to learn about and develop VR/AR (he is a developer on every platform in beta - from Facebook to Sansar).

He and his team can help you with: 

  • computer set up and software installation
  • Integration of shared files and passwords between devices
  • network set up and security consulting
  • computer backups and recovery
  • installation of, and coaching on many types of software, including password management, email, project management, video editing, presentation graphics software, and many more
  • private classes and for you and your teammates
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality development