Personal coaching for entrepreneurs and corporate intrepreneurs.

Meeting Plus services including professional meeting planning, COMRADITY member ice breakers, workshops, or more holistic, customized programs  . . .

"Ice Breakers"


Solution: “Theatre of the Mindset”

ARTS FOR LEARNING CT Artist, Anthony Depoto, a seasoned theater Master Teaching Artist, will share the skills actors use to connect on a human level to make a message impactful. Learn:

  • non-verbal methods to convey meaning,
  • when to use eye contact effectively,
  • what the key parts of your story are and the importance of timing,
  • how emotion and feeling improve your story.


Solution: “Walking Meditation”

Wilson Converse, Video Editor  has traveled thousands of miles and met spiritual leaders from around the world. He knows how valuable a clear mind is to a video editor to create order from the chaos. Discover the method he has “edited together” from his adventures around the world.

A great prelude to “Thinking on Your Feet” Storytelling program below.

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Solution: “Thinking on your Feet”

ARTS FOR LEARNING CT Artist, Carol Glynn – actress, storyteller, kinesthetic learning specialist, and Master Teaching Artist – coaches individuals to put their best foot forward on the fly. Learn to:

  • recognize tension spots that hinder your presence
  • refocus on thoughts that give you relaxed confidence,
  • keep more than one ball in the air.
Collaboration Innovation Planning Tool
"Ice Breaker" Programs

Gerald Moore - The Game_2

Solution: “The Game”

ARTS FOR LEARNING CT Artist, Gerald Moore, a 3-d sculptor, will help your team experience the power of creative design to impart wisdom. Build a model of the eco-system effecting your business to visualize the impact of “creative disturbances.”

This fun, collaborative process reminds us of how imaginative we can be when at play and introduces the principles of a charrette.

A prelude for a Strategic War Game Workshop.




Solution: Disruptive Strategic War Gaming

Bryan Mattimore of Growth Engine Innovation Agency offers a one to two-day client role play session to develop winning growth strategies. Client teams role play established competitors as well as potentially industry-disruptive competitors (i.e. Google, or Amazon) to anticipate competitor’s strategies… and then develop winning strategies of their own. A recent war gaming session included General McChrystal as the guest speaker.



Solution: Focused Ideation Sessions

Bryan Mattimore, Chief Idea Guy at Growth Engine Innovation Agency, uses the methodologies and ideation techniques that Growth Engine has either invented, customized with specific triggers/stimuli, or adapted from proven/accepted ideation processes, Growth Engine designs and facilitates targeted ideation sessions for a wide variety of marketing challenges including: new product creation and development, branding, positioning, packaging, promotion/activation, and new selling strategies. Invented techniques include triggered brainwalking, strategic continuums, Headliner, and Patent Prompts.

Content Development


Solution: Reality Speaks

A COMRADITY Cooperative Product, designed to co-create content with influencers. “Branded Content” development has an inherent conflict between engaging interest (influencers) and selling (brand messenger). Start by learning what really matters to targeted authorities/influencers and then design a content strategy that is compelling to both the target and business. Blue Hill consulting will help brands to identify their targets and customize the project to address business objectives. Content marketing experts, Movable Media and Blissful Media Group, identify the influencers, Shullman Research executes the survey and analysis. Work Wise management manages the custom project to assure quick turnarounds. In this context, creative confidence improves among brand managers.


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Solution: Team Building Workshop

ARTS FOR LEARNING CT Artist, Carol Glynn, – actress, storyteller, kinesthetic learning specialist, and Master Teaching Artistapplies acting techniques to improve creative productivity. Uncover and overcome obstacles that prevent healthy team relationships by solving puzzles as a team.  Motivate collaboration by experiencing the value of accepting help and supporting others. Discover who the natural leaders are.

Integrated Marketing

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Solution: MediaMashing

A COMRADITY Cooperative Service co-creates an integrated plan to improve results for all.  Go ahead and give us a business goal – a number to achieve – and our team will develop a cross-media plan to deliver double digit conversion rates and margins for brand and service providers. Co-create a interactive story and how participation will build across traditional and digital media and see participation build in real time from anywhere.

Retail Marketing


Solution: Trade Link

Bryan Mattimore, co-founder Growth Engine Innovation Agency, leads qualitative research and ideation sessions between the trade and manufacturer to create new in-store activation, merchandising and promotion programs. Process includes focus groups and ideation sessions at or near trade headquarters with category buyer and manufacturer’s sales and marketing teams participating. Clients include: Thomas’/Sam’s Club, Coppertone/CVS, and Armstrong/Home Depot.



Solution: Action-Learning Creative Thinking

Bryan Mattimore, Chief Idea Guy at Growth Engine Innovation Agency, teaches empirically-validated creative thinking and group ideation techniques to the company’s high-potential employees… so that they can creatively address – and develop actionable solutions – for high-priority, organizational challenges. For example, creating and leading national sales meeting ideation sessions to develop new sales programs, as well as cross-selling opportunities and/or co-marketing opportunities. For one financial services client, $120 million of new divisional cross-selling opportunities were identified, of which $72 million was realized within one years’ time.