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Mike Critelli

Former Pitney-Bowes CEO/COB, Mike has faced the “elephant in the room:” leading a mature company with a large share in a shrinking category. Re-orienting thousands of employees and outside vendors and motivating them to go to business differently is no small challenge. Many companies in similar situations no longer exist today.

But today Pitney-Bowes is in the “Big Data” business, largely because of Mike’s leadership. He shares his “Innovation Principles” to rekindle hope and spark discussion.

Mike Kachuba

The Arts for Learning CT Associate Director recruits, trains, and manages a stable of 100 artists. Anyone who has worked in the creative business knows this is a unique challenge. When Mike started his career as an elephant trainer with the San Diego Zoo, he had no idea how valuable this experience would be.

Mike shares what he learned as an elephant trainer and sparks a conversation about courage in leadership.

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Transform a problem into a strategic opportunity only your brand could capitalize on.

Fresh Starts

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Solution: “The Game”

ARTS FOR LEARNING CT Artist, Gerald Moore, a 3-d sculptor, will help your team experience the power of creative design to impart wisdom. Build a model of the eco-system effecting your business to visualize the impact of “creative disturbances.”

This fun, collaborative process reminds us of how imaginative we can be when at play and introduces the principles of a charrette.


Original ideas are elusive and take patient nurturing to create.


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Solution: Focused Ideation Sessions

Bryan Mattimore, Chief Idea Guy at Growth Engine Innovation Agency, uses the methodologies and ideation techniques that Growth Engine has either invented, customized with specific triggers/stimuli, or adapted from proven/accepted ideation processes, Growth Engine designs and facilitates targeted ideation sessions for a wide variety of marketing challenges including: new product creation and development, branding, positioning, packaging, promotion/activation, and new selling strategies. Invented techniques include triggered brainwalking, strategic continuums, Headliner, and Patent Prompts.

Content Development

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Solution: Reality Speaks

A COMRADITY Cooperative Service, designed to co-create content with creators, helps brand content achieve the goal of authenticity by surveying targeted authorities/influencers to learn what matters to them. Content marketing experts, Movable Media and Blissful Media Group, identify the resources, Shullman Research executes the survey and reports. Blue Hill consulting will help brands to identify their targets and customize the project to address strategic considerations. Work Wise management manages the custom project to assure quick turnarounds. In this context, creative confidence improves among both creators and brands judging the content.


Execution Quality Reflects The Peer Standards Your Team Works Among.

Content Marketing

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Solution: MediaMashing

A COMRADITY Cooperative Service to execute customized cross-media execution.  It goes without saying that today’s media landscape is very complicated to navigate. It takes a specialist in each channel to understand how to capitalize on it. To help brands design the right combination and facilitate specialists to collaborate we offer a place and the leadership to bring it all together. We start by getting everyone’s heads out of the minutiae and on the same page by reverse engineering the selling process.

Retail Marketing

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Solution: Trade Link

Bryan Mattimore, co-founder Growth Engine Innovation Agency, leads qualitative research and ideation sessions between the trade and manufacturer to create new in-store activation, merchandising and promotion programs. Process includes focus groups and ideation sessions at or near trade headquarters with category buyer and manufacturer’s sales and marketing teams participating. Clients include: Thomas’/Sam’s Club, Coppertone/CVS, and Armstrong/Home Depot.


Are you using data to keep score or to learn about new opportunities?


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Solution: Action-Learning Creative Thinking

Bryan Mattimore, Chief Idea Guy at Growth Engine Innovation Agency, teaches empirically-validated creative thinking and group ideation techniques to the company’s high-potential employees… so that they can creatively address – and develop actionable solutions – for high-priority, organizational challenges. For example, creating and leading national sales meeting ideation sessions to develop new sales programs, as well as cross-selling opportunities and/or co-marketing opportunities. For one financial services client, $120 million of new divisional cross-selling opportunities were identified, of which $72 million was realized within one years’ time.