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15 Sep
How valuable are outside partners?

Recently, I received an invitation to respond to an MIT Sloan Management Review survey about the Future of the Workforce. They are: "particularly...

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05 Sep
What’s the point?

While others are pointing fingers, we are thinking about the underlying motivations of the protests and how leaders may respond. Malcolm Gladwell writes about...

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04 Jul
Words are good. Action makes a difference.

Today we celebrate the American Revolution. The American Revolution was driven by economic, social, and political divisiveness, just as we experience now. We aren't...

Tupac and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Teapot
Roberto Lugo 2018
Kansas City Art Institute
15 Jun
Difficult Conversations

Almost everyone is faced with difficult conversations today. Uncomfortable because they are sparked by the impact economies of scale have on humanity -...

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11 May
Why Measure Ecosystem Resilience?

When the resilience of stakeholders is in balance, an organization benefits from seamless momentum. When customer commitment is high, belief in leadership is strong. When...

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16 Apr

WHAT IS THE "RESILIENCE FACTOR"? Investors like Ray Dalio and Larry Fink and bankers like Jamie Dimon are supporters of the “Stakeholder Capitalism” movement....

31 Mar
The CARE Act and You

We started Comradity to make a safe oasis from day-to-day crises for leaders to focus on growing their business. But it's hard to imagine...

30 Mar
Will the Covid Crisis Change Innovation?

Before the Covid Crisis, the Innovation zeitgeist advocated being the low price alternative to offerings from incumbents. But this crisis is revealing the...

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12 Mar
Conscious Customers

While futurists are a-buzz about AI and Quantum Computing, enlightened business leaders also wonder about the future they are creating for their "Conscious...

10 Feb
Busting the Innovation Myths

Ross Douthat writes an insightful piece in the New York Times yesterday: "The Age of Decadence. Cut the drama. The real story of...