31 Mar
The CARE Act and You

We started Comradity to make a safe oasis from day-to-day crises for leaders to focus on growing their business. But it's hard to imagine...

30 Mar
Will the Covid Crisis Change Innovation?

Before the Covid Crisis, the Innovation zeitgeist advocated being the low price alternative to offerings from incumbents. But this crisis is revealing the...

Beautiful female child wearing her mother's dress
12 Mar
Conscious Customers

While futurists are a-buzz about AI and Quantum Computing, enlightened business leaders also wonder about the future they are creating for their "Conscious...

10 Feb
Busting the Innovation Myths

Ross Douthat writes an insightful piece in the New York Times yesterday: "The Age of Decadence. Cut the drama. The real story of...

"one open can filled with fresh tomatoes, surrounded by many closed cans"
09 Jan
Open Minds

We started Comradity to make a place for open-minded professionals to innovate together. The biggest challenge is opening minds. Why? Even the most innovative are...

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02 Jan
The 2020’s are here.

We have access to so much information.  Too much information. And everyone's busy. With some time over the holidays, I thought I'd take...

03 Dec
A Better Way to Innovate

After the Steelers vs. Browns football game ended with a head crushing blow, the pundits analyzed what went wrong. The NFL is losing...

In the Hospital Sick Male Patient Sleeps on the Bed. Heart Rate Monitor Equipment is on His Finger.
28 Oct
Wasting Away. Part Two.

Part One shares examples we've all experienced that waste our time and money in personal and business life. Part Two is about wasting something even...

Waste of money concepts
21 Oct
Wasting away. Part One.

For the last twenty years, innovation has focused on improving productivity. But when you step back and look at the whole picture, we're...