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Think Differently

Learning from Giants

In our last post we shared that the difference between Don Quixote and Steve Jobs or Bill Gates is learnin...

re-defining leadership

What does leadership look like when no one person can possibly know it all? When 85% disagree or are uncer...

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Motivate with a Challenge

The 99% of Innovation

When we think of innovation, we think of the venture-backed start-ups with high returns to investors or so...

Data and Creativity

The hard-working woman arrived at her local grocer with a week’s pay in her purse, to buy a chicken ...

Fixing Problems?

You hear it all the time. To get ahead in business be a problem solver. The assumption is that when we sol...

Positioning with a Purpose

Making sense of many marketing choices is challenging. Positioning is a strategic tool that narrows the ch...

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Be Original

The Gift

Many say that creative people have “the gift” – that they are the “haves” an...

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 Build it Right the First Time

Fear of Missing Out

Buying “Innovation” requires a leap of faith. We all know there’s a temptation to make t...

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Understand Why it Works (or Not)